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GMS has been providing electronic payment solutions to small- and medium-size businesses and non-profit organizations to help them efficiently collect money, make payments, increase cash flow and add low-cost payment EFT options.


GMS offers a wide-variety of Services and Products. We design the ideal, custom payment processing for organizations. For every client, we are cognizant of their unique business needs and advocate best practices key in success.

GMS Front Desk
(Online Virtual Terminal)

GMS Front Desk is an Online Virtual Terminal that allows clients at a reception desk setting to accept credit card, check, and cash payments. For check payments, GMS Front Desk simplifies accepting payments and strengthens accuracy of account information from recognizing the data directly from the check. The program works with a check scanner that scans and captures the information from the check, inserts the data in the proper fields, and processes the check payment.

GMS Front Desk is ideal for enterprises in Industries that require in person payments in the form of cash, credit/debit, and checks. GMS Front Desk supports multiple users with the capability of assigning permissions. GMS Front Desk can be used at multiple locations throughout a company.


GMS Online

GMS Online is a web-based application that allows our clients to accept online payments. The application can be integrated into the company’s website for their customers to make payments online. The interface is simple, yet the software is powerful and worry-free.


GMS Gateway (API)

GMS Gateway (API) is a connection that allows companies to integrate payment processing in the software they currently use for their business. GMS generates an API (Application Program Interface) Key which acts as an authentication tool for a bridge between their current software and merchant processing service.


GMS Portal

GMS Client Portal is a web-based application that allows clients to accept ACH, Credit, and Debit Cards. Unique to most processors, GMS Client Portal also allows setting up recurring Credit or ACH payments with multiple scheduling options. Client Portal also features a built-in Messaging system to send emails to their customers.


GMS File Upload

GMS File Upload enables clients to save time on processing ACH transactions by uploading files with multiple transactions. GMS File Upload is ideal for clients who use a software to produce recurring or one time payments can use the file upload site as an additional tool to aid in reporting and reconciliations.



The GMS team is the best – great team! They are all very responsive to my questions and needs. I recommend Gulf Management Systems highly!

Cathy Schaibly, Vice President Operations, Padgett Business Services

I have been working with Gulf Management Systems for almost a year now. I have to say the customer service is phenomenal. They have helped me out of several situations that I had messed up on. I am so grateful for the customer service team. The online portal is great. I like the access to look up reports and/or activity that has happened. I don’t use it as often but anytime I have any questions; the customer service team will guide me through the portal to show me where to find what I am looking for. Thank you for all you do!!!!

Sarah Dillon, CFO Financial

Gulf Management Systems is a very efficient direct deposit processor. We have used their services for years and are very happy. We used 2 different processing companies before them and were not satisfied with their customer service. Gulf Management is reliable and helpful and we definitely recommend their services.

Kelly Collins, Payroll & HR Director, CFO Colorado